Tech Services

We currently provide remote and onsite support for clients across the United States We offer competitive rates and decades of experience within the IT service industry. We recommend only what you need for your business success and will never try to make a sale that is not in your best interest.


Kompleet IT helps you use the web to plug your business into the world. We will gladly work with you to create custom solutions to fit your exact needs. Whether your looking with web app and devleopment, the internet of things or safe and secure remote access, we can help.


Kompleet IT is dedicated to giving a higher level of goods and services than you may be used to from some technology companies. We strive to provide a more thorough solution with better communication and regular followup in all projects we touch.

How Can We Help You?


You have found the place for superior service and support for your technology needs. Our experts are trained in providing a rare combination in highly skilled technical work and the highest level of service and communication available.

Too often businesses and their users are confronted by either a (probably) good technical person who falls short in communication skills or a slick talking tech who doesnt complete the requests asked of them. We belive that you deserve Kompleet Service , Kompleet Support , and Kompleet Followup.

What sets us apart?

* Friendly, honest, and easy to understand communication
* Thorough expert detailed and documented work.
* We are highly focused on building lasting long term business relationships
* Locally owned and operated

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